About Driven Group

Driven is a group of companies with a diversified business portfolio that includes everything related to real estate from buying, selling, long and short-term leasing, management, design and many other types of business of interest to investors and individuals who are looking for a high-level integrated service in Dubai.

Group Of Companies

Driven Properties

Driven Properties is a leading real estate company providing its services in real estate consultancy, investment solutions and property management since 2012 through a distinguished team of agents and specialists who are expert in market analysis, negotiation arts and estimating the market value of real estate.

Driven Interior Design

Our team is specialized in various types of services that help you add an aesthetic touch to your home, furnish an interior, stage a space for or renovate entire buildings besides other services related to the art of interior design.

Driven Holiday Homes

Driven Holiday Homes provides the comfort that travelers and guests wish for, with the wonderful set of luxurious services that simulate the most luxurious hotels on the one hand and the comfort and privacy of a home on the other hand. It also provides peace of mind for homeowners that their properties are in the right hands.

Roc Citizenship

Specialized in Government-Approved Residency and Citizenship that offers its services through a team of experienced consultants who are able to communicate with various clients by different languages to provide a smooth and easy process to each of them.

Empire Mortgage

A specialized company that provides expert consultancy related to real estate mortgages, whether it's having investment in Dubai, owning a dream home, or refinancing a current loan. The mission is making the process smooth and easy, saving its clients time, effort and money.

Relocate Me

A specialized company in facilitating the process of moving to UAE, for individuals and companies through all the procedures that this process requires. Such as the transfer of human resources, strategic transfers for employees, helping the family to find a home to move to and all the details of that goes along moving, like shipping their belongings, pets, etc.


Unbox provides an unparalleled energetic workplace that allows everyone to have access to a contemporary space that helps those of creative minds unleash their imaginations and encourages their creativity.


Lamar provides high-quality private equity and investment management services in all of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and seeks to meet the expectations of its clients by providing specialized strategies based or their needs and granting high investment returns rate.

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